Friday, November 7, 2014

Make YOU a Priority

I have talked a lot about priorities here on the blog. I have said over and over again, if you want to be successful in this writing business, you have to make the writing a priority in your life. You have to
carve out a niche in your busy schedules of work, housework, kids and social functions for those precious hours and minutes to work on your craft, But there is another twist to that we need to address.

To be successful in writing, or pretty much anything out there, requires you to be in a place of happiness in your own life. Your focus to do your craft, or your job will be greatly diminished if you have forgotten to put a focus on the one thing that should be placed above all of those other things. This would be YOU.

I was thinking about this concept this morning when I realized it had been a couple of days since I last posted here. For a moment, I had a sense of frustration or a bit of anxiety that I had "fallen down on my job." Here I am screaming and yelling about making your writing a priority and yet I ended up not doing that here. But then I took a moment to consider why that was the case. I had taken some time for myself.

Now don't get me wrong. I had been doing work for my authors, but I had also been taking time to simply read some things that had nothing to do with romance and women's fiction. My mind was taking a break.

As I sit here, a little before 6 am writing this, I am feeling energized now to get going on that work that just sat there for a couple of days. My brain is refreshed and now I feel like I can think clearly.

There is a Spanish instructor at the college where I do adjunct work at who is amazing at this. She is one of the most dedicated instructors out there, but you can always find her, at some point in the day, taking HER time to quietly walk around the campus for 30 minutes or so. This is not a "power walk" for exercise, but "power walk" for her mind to get re-focused. This is a dedication to her own sense of well-being.

As you get ready to start your weekend, start thinking about how much time you are giving to YOU. Have you completely given up YOU for those other things out there? Are you running from one job to the next and sacrificing yourself? Understand, I am not saying to ignore those other things. I am not saying to ignore your writing and make excuses. What I am saying is to take a few minutes and give that time 100% to YOU,

Just something to think about on a Friday.

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