Thursday, December 4, 2014

Writing During The Holidays

This is a tough and very hectic time of the year. We all have families invading our homes. If we have kids, they will be out of school getting under our feet... the list goes on and on. For editors and agents, we are also scrambling to get projects finished so we can get on with our holidays, but at the same time, trying not to slow down the production schedules for the authors.

But this business, really doesn't sleep. We have to find time to eek out a few minutes now and then to keep our craft going. So, to keep things simple, let me give you a few things to remember today:

  1. Do something for your craft every day. This can include reading, making notes, or even writing.
  2. Set aside a couple of larger blocks of time to be on your own and write. You will have a ton of thoughts running through your head and if you don't get those ideas written down, you will lose them.
  3. Relax. Everyone is busy. 
  4. Set priorities. Don't worry about those queries right now. Focus on the craft. Focus on the things you can get done.
  5. Enjoy the holidays. You need a break every now and then.

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