Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Do Believe In The Romance Genre

I am sure I have talked about this, but I honestly felt really inspired about this today. Maybe it was that extra strong cup of coffee or the simple fact it was so quite around the house, I had the chance to appreciate what I do. I can honestly say, I am truly fortunate to work with this genre.

I know there are a lot of "fiction" and "non-fiction" authors who look down on the romance genre as being nothing but fluff. They are still in the mindset that these books are that stereotype "bodice ripper". I do have to say, however, these people clearly have not taken the time to pick one up and read one.

Yes, romance is escapist literature. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. There are, in fact, a lot of other genres that fall into this category. But the thing that truly separates romance from all of the other genres out there is the simple fact that these are about people. These are about relationships and we, as readers get to follow along with the hero and heroine as they overcome obstacles and fall in love.

With romance, you also get that happily ever after. I know that Romance Writers of America have now started to use the term "An Emotionally Satisfying and Optimistic Ending" But for me, I am going to stick with the happily ever after. I like knowing the characters I fought hard with to overcome those obstacles are going to live on beyond the last page of the book.

The romance genre also brings together a lot of writers who really do share that same common interest of telling a great story. I have often found, when I go to the romance conferences, there is a shared sense of that common goal. These authors are POSITIVE. I know there is some backstabbing that takes place out there, but that always seems to be overshadowed by the great vibe you get from being around the romance authors.

We have to remember that romance is a genre that has been around for a long time. Going all the way back to the oral tradition, storytellers would bring together a hero and heroine and show how love can conquer all. I do believe that will never go away. We may see some different approaches, but the romance genre is simply not going to go away.

I have to applaud the publishing houses who have kept their romance lines a strong force in the company portfolio. They invest in this not simply because of the money it brings in, but because they know romance is a "sure thing."

I challenge those of you who may not have picked up one of these stories to do so this weekend. Make an investment. Break out of your shell. Who knows? You might find something you have been missing for a long time - That knowledge that goodness and happiness DOES exist in the world today.

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