Monday, January 19, 2015

Life Happens, And We Are OK With It

I am going to my happy place now of unicorns, rainbows, sparkly things (but no Smurfs). In this
world, everything we plan will be carried out exactly as we want. If we have things to do, nothing is going to get in the way. Our kids are all 4.0 scholars who not only want to save the world but they also want to take care of their parents financially and emotionally.

Are we all feeling it now?

Ahhh, smell the pleasant aroma of cotton candy, kettle corn, and a fresh ocean breeze. Shut your eyes now and take your self there.

Now, snap back to the real world you wimps! This is Drill Sergeant Real World and you know good and well this is not what you signed up for! There WILL be things in your way! There WILL be kids barfing all over your carpet right after you steam cleaned it! Your schedule WILL be ruined by soccer games, PTA, baseball practice and yes, the relentless ballet practice! Suck it up you wimps! This IS THE REAL WORLD!

I hate to start your morning out with that rude awakening, but this is a really important thing to know if you are going into this business of publishing. The real world WILL get in the way of your writing. We are not living in the world of Ponylandia! But here is the good news. Your agents are not like Drill Sergeant Real. We understand.

Remember that editors and agents want your best work. We also know that things happen, and when those events get in the way of your creativity, you are likely going to sent us crap. So we adjust.

One of the things all editors and agents look for in clients are writers who can be open and honest from the beginning. No, we are not looking for people who have no edit function, but we want that honesty. We can adjust schedules. We can work with your deadlines, but we need to know.

If you are a new writer, still on the quest of a contract, keep this part in mind. You might have a busy life, but that does not mean it has to get in the way of your writing career. Know that there is flexibility out there and we can work with it! I promise.

Now, back to our regularly schedule world of complete chaos!

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