Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don't Look Back, Look Forward

Things happen. OK, maybe we don't always use the word things, but you know what I mean. Life is not always going to be full of the wonderful happy things and there will be times when the negative happens. What is important in life, and especially with writing, is to not dwell on that moment.

When those negative things happen. go ahead and "enjoy the sting". That might sound a bit weird, but we need that moment to realize what just happened totally sucks. But once you have recognized it, the time has come to move to the next phase. It is time to move on.

It is time to examine what just happened and figure out what the next move is going to be. How do we take what we just learned and adapt that into our current projects and our future? Was this even something we could have controlled?

For writers, this move is crucial. That time you are spending dwelling over the problem is time wasted. You had a new project you were working on, right? Get back to it? The darn thing is not going to write itself? Unfortunately, there are far too many authors who, after getting that bad news (most likely a rejection letter or a string of rejection letters) just give up. The career is over. This is really a shame because there are a lot of great writers out there, but just had one bad bump.

I bring this up because of the positive thing I saw one of my writers do yesterday. We had this great project but we ended up getting that rejection letter. We saw somethings the editor didn't see. That sucks because we really had some hopes there. But here is what she did. Her email back to me was really positive. "I see the things she is commented on and I'm going to go to the one I am working on and make those adjustments." In other words, "We'll get them the next time."

For this author, she moved on.

Are you willing to?

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