Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Keep Your Eyes Open And Your Mouth Closed

This last weekend, during the Superbowl, like many Americans I tuned in every now and then to see the commercials. There was one in particular that jumped out at me. Honestly, I don't remember what it was for, or for that matter, the whole context of the commercial. It was simply a line an elderly woman in the commercial said. She commented that sometimes, although it is hard, it is important to keep your eyes open and your mouth closed. This is something I remember doing in high school and I still try to do this, but, like the commercial noted, it is hard to do.

In publishing, this approach can be amazingly powerful. This is a business that moves slowly. This is not a bad thing, but it is a business that rushing is not always the best approach. Sometimes, sitting back and seeing how things play out may indeed be a better approach to take. In other words, just watching and not saying anything or jumping to conclusions may benefit authors in the long run.

I have seen several authors "jump ship" when they observed at that given moment, things were not heading in a positive direction with their career. Some left one publisher for another. Some left traditional publishing and went to self-publishing. In numerous cases, the things the author was worried about ended up sorting itself out. Unfortunately, being able to "return" was now out of the question and that quick decision didn't play out as they wanted.

Please understand, I am not saying to always "stay the course". There are so many variables to this thought that every situation has to be looked at on its own merits. But taking the time to just watch for a while and see how things shake out may indeed work for your benefit.

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