Monday, February 23, 2015

Publishing Takes Time - Another Great Example

You have all heard this before. Writing and publishing takes time. This is not a business for those with little patience. It is not so much an issue of "paying your dues" but simply one that requires a lot of learning, reshaping and not rushing. The end result, however, is always great.

I bring this up today because of one of those great things that agents get to do. I had the chance to call an author and let her know that her time had come, and an editor had offered her a contract. What was special here was the simple fact that she has been "close" so many times.

The key here is: she never gave up. Sure there were times we wanted to scream. Sure there were moments  of frustration, but she never quit. She would start a new project using what we learned from a prior rejection. She shifted her focus for a while to self-publishing and has done really well with those stories.

I do have to say, she is a much better writer than she was when she started. The growth of knowledge in the craft as well as the business is going to make her future even better. Of course, the key was the time.

I think one of the most frustrating things about today's world and the state of publishing is the current population's desire to have it all and have it right now. We love our emails. We love our instant messaging. Even with buying books, we will often buy that e-book even though we would prefer the paperback, simply because we cannot wait. Unfortunately, this desire to have things now, has pushed so many authors into situations where, if they didn't get that book contract on their first book, they
gave up. They quit!

I guess I am reminded of little Miss Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Did she get what she wanted in the end? Nope!

Look, I fully get that waiting sucks. I get that rejection letters are not fun. But, instead of complaining about the letters, take the time to learn from the letters. Learn and grow. The time will be worth it.

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