Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why Literature Is Struggling Right Now - Just some observations

We are hearing all of the time of the quality of literature and the material being written today. Yesterday, I wrote on the idea that it is you who dictates what you want and what you will get out of your writing career. I want to extend on that today.

So answer me this....

  • Why is it that authors, who have Ph.Ds and are writing books on "well researched topics" would submit their non-fiction work to the Greyhaus Literary Agency that only represents romance and women's fiction???
  • Why is it that authors, who are supposedly smart enough to write a novel length text, will submit stories using an online form that states the minimum word count required will still proceed to submit something far below that amount?
  • Why will authors submit stories to editors who, in their submission guidelines state they only take submissions from agents?
  • Why will authors send projects to the same editor and agent, after being rejected because it isn't the right genre, and then send a similar project?
  • Why will authors sign up for pitch sessions at conferences with editors and agents with projects the editors and agents aren't acquiring after it is posted in conference paperwork and the information is online?
and finally...

  • Why do writers accuse the editors and agents for not being open to new projects when they do all of the things I asked about above?

Sorry for the rant today, but I felt the need for a real big Blog Flog Today!

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