Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tidbits About Scott - The Horse and Dog Take Over

 Sharper Eagle - Agent Assistant

 Apollo - Agent Assistant

We have each taken over one time before, but we figured we would get in here together, before Scott got to the post and do another take-over. We know he is always talking about the importance of getting to know an agent before you send your work in to that person, so we thought we would give you some insight.

That's right Sharper! I don't know how many times he complains to me as we are reading submissions together about the authors who really don't know who Scott is.

OK, Apollo. Let's get started. We are simply going to make a list of his likes and dislikes. 

Born in Santa Monica California. 
Favorite place to visit: Disneyland
You do know Sharper, that he met his wife at Disneyland.
Places he has visited: France, Ireland, Slovakia, Austria, Italy
Tell them how many kids he has Apollo...
He has three and they keep him pretty busy. One swims both for a club team and the school team. The middle one rides you on the jumper circuit, and the youngest is on a dance team.
I was nosing around the garage one day, Sharper, and did you know that Scott used to do theatre? He says it was BC (Before Children)

Actually Apollo, I did know that. He started in high school and continued in community theatre. His favorite roles were:
  • Romeo
  • Benvolio
  • Lorenzo (Merchant of Venice)
  • Orsino (Twelfth Night) 
  • Oberon (Midsummer Nights Dream
  • Capt. Von Trapp (he did that one twice)
Favorite food: pasta and seafood
Other careers: teaching middle school, high school and now does some part time work at the college

Does he have favorite music Apollo?
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country
  • But mostly loves 80's music
Favorite sport: Baseball and the Seattle Mariners
Favorite TV Channels: Food Network, Travel Channel
Dream job? Surprisingly Apollo, I do know Scott has talked about wanting to do editorial work, but his big thing right now is to work for Disney.
Favorite Book: The Ascent of Rumdoodle

You know, I think the two of us have done a really good job of getting this going. Here is the challenge though. If you want to know more about Scott, send us your questions and we will try our best to give you all of the juicy inside news. We can't promise we will answer everyone, but we will do our best!

Apollo and Sharper Eagle

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