Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Every Now And Then, Fine Tune The Small Stuff

I am a USA Swimming Official. This means that on many weekends, I am the guy standing on the side of the pool deck in the white shirt, disqualifying little 8 year old swimmers for one handed touches on breast stroke. To become an official, you have a training course you take, several observations and a test. But why do I bring this up? Because every 2 years, I have to go back and review the rules and re-take the test. We also, prior to every meet, take the time to go through a "stroke briefing" to review the rules and the infractions. Why? It is fine tuning.

As writers, it is crucial to, every now and then, take the time to fine tune the small stuff. Go back and take a basic level course on dialogue or on plotting. To enter contests without your name and book cover attached to the book, and get "honest"feedback.

I do honestly believe that many authors, who, when they become successful with their publishing, foolishly take on the attitude of "well now I have made it." It is, unfortunately, a thought that is a mistake. This does not mean they need to stop learning. Longevity in this business means to constantly examine how we are doing and find new things and new approaches that can make our writing better.

So, what are you doing to keep up your craft? How are you fine tuning your work?

Just a small thought to consider for a Tuesday!

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