Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Beware Rumors and Gossip

We try hard to keep up on the latest news. We all know that the more we are aware of the things
going on around us, the better prepared we can be with our own careers. We also know that we are living in a world that social media and the Internet is where we are going to get most of that information.

But we have to be careful.

There are far too many cases out there where we are hearing information "second hand" and, unfortunately, many times that information might not be entirely correct. That information might be missing key pieces that would give us a better concept of what was going on.

I just spent the morning on the phone with an editor talking about my clients. There had been a lot of "gossip" and "rumors" floating around so I went to the source. I was glad I did because hearing it from the source was an entirely different answer than what was going on "out there on the net."

Just a note here, but this is one of those reasons for having an agent. We can be that connection to make sure our clients are getting reliable information.

I don't want to go on and on with preaching here, but it is a good reminder to always go to the source of the information. Don't try to "assume" you know what is going on. Don't try to fill in the gaps. It is fine to listen in to that information you hear on your loops, but remember, it might not be entirely accurate.

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