Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Don't Wear Yourself Out

Writing is tough. I feel like I say this time and time again here on this blog, but in simple terms, it is tough! In today's market, it is even harder considering it is not just a matter of writing the stories, it is a matter of marketing and keeping your name out there in front of the public. Unfortunately, this does take a lot out of a writer.

The extra energy writers often have to spend on the "other stuff" really does start to have an effect on the quality of the writing. In that effort to "get that next book out" writers start to make sloppy mistakes. The character development just isn't there. Plots may have a couple of holes. There might not be enough to make it bad, but after a time, it does start to be seen by the readers.

So, is the answer simply writing less? Producing fewer books during the course of the year? Maybe. But there is the side effect of now your name is not out there like the prolific writers. What about writing a whole bunch of smaller projects, or self-publishing that "back list" or the books that didn't make the cut earlier? Sure. This might work, to get your name out there, but is it really the best of the best?

For a lot of writers, it is a matter of figuring out your pace to write and stick to that. Don't try to take on more than you can handle. Stick with what you know and produce the best quality work out there. Take breaks between those projects. Often a week or two between projects is enough to rejuvenate a person.

So, what do do you do to keep from wearing yourself out?

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