Friday, May 1, 2015

Understanding Dedication In Writing

I hear a lot of writers (and certainly see this too in query letters) state they are "really dedicated to their career." They are "committed," they proclaim. And, as an agent, (and I know editors probably in agreement here), this is what we want in our authors. But this dedication is more than simply a word. This is more than the time and money you would spend on "marketing and promotion." This dedication is really an internal commitment.

This is a business about putting everything on the line. This is about looking at your work and not being satisfied even with the work that is good. There should be a constant desire to be better at what we do.

It is important to understand this is not about "attending more conferences" or "writing more books." This is not about the time we spend on a story. This is about internalizing what we do and really pushing ourselves to be better at what we do.

I will be honest. I see a lot of authors out there who have some great stories. They pitch a great pitch. But when you really start to talk and get to know these people, it becomes clear that maybe, they still don't have it yet. Sure, they know the right words to say, but it is that meaning that might be lost for these authors.

This is a tough business. You are putting (or should be) your heart and soul into a project. Those are your emotions in the book and not just the characters talking. When you finish writing a chapter, you are as physically exhausted as someone who just ran a marathon. But to be successful in this business, you have to keep pushing. You have to be all in!

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