Friday, June 26, 2015

Being Proactive At Conferences

One of my newest Greyhaus authors is heading off to New York and her first RWA Conference. It is clear she is getting very excited because I get these great emails from her asking about things she should be doing at while she is there. (Yes, it is OK to do this...that is what I am here for).

The one thing I am trying to get across to her is the idea of being proactive. This is the key to networking at a conference of this size and to make the most of the experience. Hiding away in your room to "get some writing done" is a waste of time. Hanging out ONLY with your friends and writing partners is not going to build any new connections. The key is to get out there and meet new people.

You have to understand that the editors and agents are not going to walk up to random strangers at the conference and ask to hear about your writing. It is up to you to introduce yourself.

Now, with that said, walking up to everyone and pitching is not the appropriate path. Introduce yourself, say hi, and let them ask what you are writing. You might be surprised, but that new contact might be the connection you have been looking for.

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