Friday, June 5, 2015

Does Your Neighbor Know You Are An Author

Marketing is crucial for an author. Without it, the readers would not know of your latest book and buy it. Authors spend a lot of time developing all of these great strategies to get their title and their name known to as many people as they can.

The problem, however, is that authors are trying too hard to reach everyone from the beginning. In reality, getting the word out on your book is a matter of starting small and letting it spread. Think of how you often find out about a new author. A friend of yours says one day, "Hey have your read...?" You haven,t' you read it, you love it and you pass it on.

I am reminded of the Prudential commercial for retirement savings. I love this commercial. Visually, it really does what we should be thinking about when it comes to marketing your books.

For many authors, they are missing some of the easiest marketing tools. Do those people on your street, the people you hang out with on the 4th of July parties know you are an author? Does the regular checker at the grocery store know? How about your kids teachers? Church members?

I have heard many authors argue that this is not worth the effort. Some are even afraid to tell their neighbors. Look, I guess I can agree with that if you write hard core erotica and are in a hard core conservative church. but really, for many of you, this is not an issue. The biggest argument I hear is that it is only one book you sold.

True, but that is ONE more than you would have sold.

And remember that commercial. That ONE person will tell another... and you are off and running.

Quit hiding behind your computer. Quit hiding behind your pseudonym. Talk to people about your book. Who knows, it might lead to amazing things.

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