Monday, June 22, 2015

Who Is The Best Author Out There? YOU!

I am sure I have mentioned this before here on the blog. One of my authors told me before that she was at the gym working out and reading the "best damn book out there." I was really interested. I am always out there looking to read something that another author believes is an incredible piece of writing. So I asked. Her answer was fantastic!

It is my latest book!

The thing about being a writer is that you are always critical of the work you are doing. In fact, you are overly critical about your writing. To add to that, you have this internal pressure of wondering if anyone else will like it.

Generally, that type of thinking then moves to a negative pattern. "My editor will think this sucks." "I know my writers are never going to buy this book." "My agent has probably already drafted the letter getting rid of me." You know the pattern.

But the thing writers need to do, every now and then, is appreciate what they have accomplished. Authors are doing something many wish they could do. Simply sit down and write a book from start to finish. You are able to create characters, develop plots and simply have the courage and strength to put yourself out there for other people to read and to comment on what you have done.

As authors, you have done some great things. Sure, that last book might not have sold as well as you hoped. Sure that book you are marketing has created the largest stack of rejection letters that you are now thinking of wallpapering your office with the letters. But there are great things in there.

Take the time this week to pick up your latest project. Heck, pick up anything you are doing and read the sections you enjoyed writing. You will find that activity will probably give you the courage and the energy to sit back down and the computer and get back to writing.

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  1. Nice advice. It's true, we need to revisit our writing and see some of what we do right and should do more of.