Monday, August 10, 2015

Buy A Book TODAY!

Make this post go viral. When you see it, share it with your friends. Link it on Twitter. Share it on Facebook. Talk with your friends about it. But more importantly DO SOMETHING.

GOAL: BUY A BOOK TODAY! Buy 1 print new book from a book store today. Then buy at least one a week for a while. Preferably, buy a new book every day!

Your goal is to get out and buy a book today. Heck, buy more than one book. Find your favorite authors and actually go out and buy that book. Authors, you are to do the same thing. Go and buy a book. Do this EVERY week, or better yet, do this EVERY day.

Here is the rationale.

This is all about supply and demand and the basics of economics. When you go and buy a book, you are helping to increase sales. When those sales (the demand) increases, the producer (or in this case the book store) has to increase supply to keep up with the demand. This means they buy more books and will also have the cash surplus to expand their businesses.

If you want to know why that bookstore down the street from you closed, or the fact that your local grocery store cut back on the shelf space for the books? It wasn't from the publishers saying they didn't want to sell books. It was because you quit buying the books. The same goes for particular genres that might not be on the shelf of that book store. The consumers quit buying them so the book buyer quit stocking the books.

Now, please note that I said to GO and buy a book. Don't be lazy. Don't get online and buy a digital copy. I would even encourage you not to go and buy a print copy and have the Amazons of the world ship it to you. Go to the book store and buy a book. And please, skip the used bookstores. We are tying to help out those authors!

But wait there is more!

When you are there, make a demand for particular titles.

The thing is this. If we keep up the pressure, the books WILL return.

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  1. i celebrated this day at our local bookstore--buying books. I also talked to others about what they were reading, looking for---and I drank lots of coffee.
    Although I read many books on Kindle format, I buy books. Bookstores are a great gathering place for readers and writers. I bought lots of books...and encouraged others.