Thursday, August 27, 2015

What Greyhaus Is Looking For - Romantic Suspense and Paranormal

Let me first begin by saying that, although I represent these genres, I am very picky about these. In fact, if I go back and look through my databases, my bet is that I have rejected more of these genres than any other out there.

When it comes to each of these novels, authors need to realize that I am representing ROMANTIC suspense and paranormal ROMANCE. In other words, the central story arc still needs to be focused in on the romance element of the story. Yes, there will be a crime or paranormal presence, but the focus needs to be the romance. Too often, I am seeing stories where the focus is in reverse, and then, somewhere in the middle of the story, the author realized he or she needed to add a romance so they "suddenly fall in bed and BAM! They're in love." Ummmm, not!

For these two genres, it is really easier to say the things I am not interested in seeing:

  • One character is investigating the other character for criminal activity and then they fall in love. This is a conflict of interest an law enforcement would never tolerate it.
  • Not interested in stories involving controversial topics we are seeing today. A) the issue will be solved by the time you finish the story; or B) the publishers will not likely pick up the book.
  • Heroine cannot be stupid and do things that force the hero into saving her. In other words, don't go into the building with the criminals just to "ask them a few questions" and then get caught.
  • Not into those heroes with the dorky names such as Trane, Jax and so forth. These can be real people.
  • The criminal activity needs to be real.
  • The hero and heroine cannot, in the middle of a chase scene, suddenly decide that now is the time to hang out in a cabin and have sex for 2 days straight.
  • First of all, let me say FANTASY and SCI FI is not paranormal
  • Not into the brooding vamps and werewolves (and by the way, changing them to angels and demons is really the same thing.
  • I hate world building that becomes an entity in itself. If I need a companion book just to know the players, we are too far gone.
  • I personally have not gotten into the psychic thing. Too often, this is just an easy way for the author to not have to explain something that the character should have to figure on with some time.
  • Time travel is fine, but just because Jamie and Claire are big now does not mean time travel is back to stay.
  • If yo do time travel, this needs to be an issue. I don't want you historical authors to think this is just another way to write a historical.
Hope that helps!

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  1. Hello Scott. This is very helpful. I wish more agents would provide this kind of clarity. It would take the guess work out of the submitting process, and save both the author and the agent a lot of time. Happy reading!