Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Why Are You Sending It To THAT Agent?

We talk a lot about doing your research before you send in a project to an editor or an agent. And yet, I have to say, I am constantly amazed at the number of projects I get that are not ever going to be right for me. Sure, I get those projects from people who seem to think a self-help book on closet cleaning to an agent that represents only romance and women's fiction. But the real issue are the authors who seem to have not taken the time to really investigate WHO the agent is as a person!

Agents will always talk about the relationship with the author as being a marriage. This is not some basic business contract, but the plan for making this a long term relationship and to really build the career. Unfortunately, too many authors only look at one factor when sending out projects. "This agent represents my genre." But you need more.

When I send out projects to editors for my clients, I do not send it out to everyone who happens to represent that genre. I send it out to the people who would really appreciate the things happening in the genre. There may be 5 editors that all represent single title historicals at a given publisher, but some like it hot and some like it not. Some like their stories deep with historical depth and some just like the fast reads. The key is to find the right match.

For authors, you need to do the same thing. Take the time to really get to know the agent BEFORE you send in a project. Figure out their personalities. You cannot simply go sending a project out to an agent because their blog is the one you follow, or they know a lot about writing query letters. The real question is whether or not your personality will match with that person.

Please, don't rush this! It is important and we do want the best for you!

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