Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Plotting Will Get You Through Writer's Block

As you all know, I am a big fan of plotting out a book. I know that when I use that word, a lot of you cringe. But, I am sorry to say this, there are a lot of benefits to plotting. One of those will get you through that ugly moment all writers face of "writer's block."

Let me first say that when I say to plot out a book, I am not saying you have to outline every chapter and every scene to the smallest detail. If you write best that way, go for it. When I talk about plotting, I am referring to knowing the main story arc and knowing some of the key things you want to happen. Essentially, it is the brief synopsis you might pitch as a proposal to an editor or agent.

Now, with that said, how does this get you through that darn writer's block? In most cases, if you are someone who writes in chronological order and you get hit with that "now what moment" everything comes to a screeching halt. Nothing is going to get done until you get through that scene. Some of this might come from not being in the right mood. Some of it might be because you ended up in the wrong point of view after the last scene. Some of it might be that you need to research something to fill in the gaps. Regardless, everything stops.


If you know what is going to happen in a later scene, you can skip ahead and get a rough draft of that scene done. Sure, you might have to make some tweaks later on, but at least you are moving forward in your story.

And here is the nice part. As you write that scene, you are freeing your mind up to let it figure out that roadblock you were facing on that earlier scene. You know what I mean! When do you come up with your best ideas? When you aren't working on that project. In the middle of the night? Doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen (that's when I figure most of the problems out).

So, if you are in that situation, give it a try. Skip ahead and write the next scene. See what happens. Who knows? You might actually end up like plotting a story out.

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