Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tame Those Inner Demons

I think when I say, a writer's worst enemy is the writer, most of you will agree. It is you that gets into the way of the success and the creativity far too much. All of those feelings of doubt, negativity, self-worth and so forth need to be put aside to allow the story to tell itself and let the characters do the talking.

If you think of the newest Pixar movie, INSIDE OUT, you have to be the person in charge of that computer board the emotions are working with.

I get it is not easy. There will be moments when you think your writing totally sucks. There will be moments when you hate yourself for taking up too much of your families life to write your stories. There will be times when you think you might as well quit.

Well suck it up. You need to do what my daughter's riding instructor has said. "Put your big girl panties on and jump that vertical!" or in your case, get writing and quit listening to those emotions.

But how do you do this? You need to listen to your fan club. These should not be your editors or your agents on this one (at least not necessarily). These are the people who think everything you do is golden. Think of your mom or dad when you were in kindergarten and brought home that finger painting. They raved about it and put it on the fridge. Go to those people!

If they aren't around, go to your social media accounts and just scan through all of those people who have said amazing things about your writing. "I don't know how you write such great stories?" "I wish I could be like you." (or for you 80's movie freaks..."Ferris you're my hero!").

Now, if you are in one of those moods today, tell those emotions to get off-line because you have a darn story to write!

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