Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Slow Down, Please!

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday from an author. This person was clearly excited about marketing her first book. She was already out there getting the word out so her friends and all of her followers would buy that book. That part was fine. The issue I had was something I see far too many authors doing. Let me explain.

In her post, she created a meme with her book cover. The words though said, "I just finished writing my first book and you can now buy it on Amazon!" Now, I don't believe necessarily that this author worked that fast, but it is the message that we want to focus on. There are far too many authors out there who are simply rushing the process. The words THE END are barely dry and the author is already submitting stories to editors and agents, or immediately uploading it for sale through E-Publishing outlets. You have to give this process time.

I saw a similar version of this yesterday when I was answering submissions. I received 5 submissions from one author all in one day. In fact, the time stamp showed these were sent all in a span of 10 minutes. This was a huge mistake. Had the author submitted just one and waited for a response, there would have been time to make adjustments to later projects, to maybe better meet my needs. There would have been a chance for some growth and learning. Instead, this author ended up with 5 rejections and there is no going back.

I promise you that publishing will be around. You can finish that book and then take the time to research who the best person would be to send it to. There will be time to insure the product you put out there, if you are going the "self-publishing route" is the best product out there. You don't want your first impression to be a rushed project. You want people to know that what you put out there is great work.

In plain and simple terms. Take Your Time!


  1. Good advice for me, as I'm in the middle of a rewrite.

  2. I see that a lot. I sometimes think people publish to soon!