Friday, May 20, 2016

Celebrations For An Author Are A Must

Here comes the same statement I make so many times here on the blog.

Writing is TOUGH!

It's tough, on those days when the house is dirty, the yard needs mowing, the kids need to be taken somewhere, or you want to sit back and binge watch OUTLANDER, to force your butt into that chair and write the next chapter.

It's tough to get a rejection letter from your dream agent or editor.

It's tough to get a review from clearly some reviewer who doesn't know quality writing (at least that is what you think).

It's tough when you see that last royalty check and sales just weren't there.

Combine in trying to plot, develop great characters and dynamic settings and I am sure most writers really question why they are in this business.


It all seems to change when you have those small successes.

This has been a fantastic couple of days for the Greyhaus authors. We had:

  • A raise on a contract for one author.
  • A 4 star review on a book the author had been worrying over.
  • A request for a full from a contest and an editor we have been "wooing" for sometime (WITH REVISION NOTES)
  • One author received copies of her latest book in the mail (always a fun day)
  • A new 4 book contract for another author
Combine in...
  • The news that one of the authors had a relative who was really sick but there was a VERY positive turn for that relative.
  • Another had a graduation
  • One had her son pass 3 AP tests in a single week
  • One had a son or daughter purchase a new home.
Do you see where this is going? There may be a lot of times (more than we want) when you feel things totally suck in the writing universe. But there will be those small glimmers of hope and happiness that show up along the way! 

So, here is your homework assignment. 

Find that glimmer of good news today!


  1. Well, my glimmer is that I finished a rewrite that I thought would never end. Really happy with it, too.

  2. I celebrate every revision I make to my manuscript. Whether it's a single word change or a deleted paragraph I feel that I am learning and improving. Of course, there are days when I get discouraged, but as Scott has expressed, small celebrations do encourage us to enjoy the creative adventure.