Monday, August 8, 2016

I was on Facebook this morning and saw a lot of people posting great successes. There were release day notifications from authors, others finishing their book on time and several posting that they had reached the NYTimes Best Seller List! While these are exciting and they should not be ignored, we have to remember there are other successes that need to be celebrated too.

Writing is tough when it is just you and the computer screen. Reaching the point you can write THE END is a long way away! Selling enough books to make that national list is a long way way! But, we all need to have those small successes along the way to make us great!

I really came out to me when I was reading the other posts nestled in nicely among those bigger posts.

  • Greyhaus Author Leanne Bristow posting a picture of her RWA Pro-pin that arrived in the mail over the weekend. A small pin but a great success.
  • Author Margurete Kaye posting pictures of two sweaters she had finished for her little nephew
  • Friend and great trainer for my son Megan Jendrick being mentioned at the Rio Olympics in a great comparison to another swimmer.
My daughter's personal trainer has her starting a 30 day ab challenge today (in fact she put the entire family on it as well...ugh). Day one looks manageable. Day 30, not so enjoyable. But here is the thing. Each day although the challenges get harder, we can celebrate that we did one more crunch, or 2 more sit-ups. We can celebrate that held that plank for just a few seconds more.

These were just a few! But, it is the smaller successes that will lead to bigger things. As you write today, take the time to celebrate those small victories.

  • You got through your writing goal 30 minutes early
  • You wrote an amazing dialogue sequence and had to call a friend to read it to her.
  • You finished that scene that has been kicking your butt for some time.
  • You got an extra marketing goal finished today.
  • You researched one extra agent or editor today.
As I said, seeing those big successes will not happen every day. But you will find those smaller successes!

So here is my challenge to you! Share your successes with others. Share this challenge with them but continue to celebrate your victories. #GreyhausSmallVictoryChallenge

  • Post your victories on the Greyhaus Literary Agency Facebook page all day today @GreyhausLiteraryAgency.
  • Post your victories on the Greyhaus Literary Agency Twitter feed @greyhausagency
  • Post your victories here on the blog as well.
Look, we are living in some tough times right now. Let's challenge each other to brighten the world with those small victories and make one huge splash today!

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  1. But . . . I'm thinking you are inviting Greyhaus authors to share these successes, right?