Friday, August 26, 2016

Using Multiple Approaches Works To Get the New Out

I have attended several workshops at writing conferences where I have heard authors speak of finding other ways, other than social media to get the news out about their latest releases. Some of the authors have commented that things such as Facebook are just not effective.

I have some news for you....

Social media does work!

A friend of mine works in the area of social media and emergency services with the Virtual Emergency Management Association and the Clackamas County Communications. This last week, they unrolled the latest addition to their 9-1-1 program, allowing people to text in their 9-1-1 call if necessary.

This is what she posted in response to those who don't believe in social media:
    Naysayers of social media often tell me that social media never reaches those without online accounts. And I smile.
    Earlier today, my mom called to tell me about text-to-911. She heard about it because my Cousin Ian boarded a bus in Scotland and ran into my Aunt Barbara who told her what I have been up to. She returned home and called my mom, who lives 20 minutes away from me.
    That, my friends, is why I smile at the naysayers.

For authors, you have to find multiple ways to get the news out to your readers. You cannot just rely on one approach. You have to attack the market on all fronts. Sure, Facebook might not be your friend, but it is for other people. Sure, you might not be interested in Twitter, but others do like it. Others like Pinterest so use that.

If you think about how you have found out about books, movies or other new things, a lot of that comes from word of mouth. You know what I mean - A friend tells you that he read something on a Twitter post, that connected to Facebook, that someone else heard on NPR.

That is how the world works.

Look, I get that adding in all of these other approaches can be a pain. I also know that it is going to suck up some of your writing time. But, if it increases your sales, then I say go for it!

Just a real world example to think about for a Friday

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