Friday, October 7, 2016

Think Opening Chapters Through The Whole Book

There is so much emphasis placed on the opening chapters of your novel. How many times do you hear editors and agents pushing so hard to make those first chapters "golden?" This is what the editors and agents are reading so you want to hook them early on. While this is true, so many authors are missing out one small factor.

The rest of the book!

As an agent, it is always frustrating to request a partial and completely fall for the thing. I then go on and request a full only to find that by chapter 5, the entire book has fallen apart! What a shame.

As you write your story, you have to look at each section of your book (major rising action moments) just like you would your opening chapters. Pour the same enthusiasm you put into those opening chapters into those pages. Think about how you will draw the reader in to this next moment. Think of how you will keep them on edge through that next step in your story.

You want each of your chapters to start with something that will make them want to keep turning pages. You want to end each chapter with a moment that makes them say "just one more chapter."

Without this, just be advised that rejection letter will be on the way.

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