Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday - Buy Books!

As you get online Monday to buy that "perfect" gift for that friend of family member, consider this. That sweater you purchased may likely get returned. That phone you bought will only be upgraded in the next three months. That toy you bought will be out of style within 3 months. But there is a better solution.

Buy books! I don't care if you are buying hard copies, paperbacks, or digital books, just buy books and buy a lot! When we do this, we will have a lot of benefits that will far outlast that sweater you have had your eye on for some time.

  1. INCREASE LITERACY - I don't know if you have seen this lately, but our society is just not as literate as it used to be. People spend more time binge watching the full season of Gilmore Girls than reading. Our K-12 and college systems are seeing far more students struggling simply because they cannot keep up with the reading. In a 2005 study it was noted that common newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today only have a readability level of the 10th grade. That's right people! Adults who are reading are only doing so at the age equivalent of someone who is 15 years old. And what's worse is that many are just skimming these and not really reading the full article, or even, in some cases, comprehending it. Just a side note... The Times of India is at a grade equivalent of a junior at the university level. 
  2. INCREASE IN SALES HELPS BOOK SELLERS - Why is it that we lost so many bookstores? They simply could not make enough profit to keep the doors open. This is a business that relies on people buying books. If they are only buying subscriptions to Netflix then the book sales are going down. I don't know about you but if the money starts rolling in and people now see that there can be a profit with bookstores, they might just start coming back.
  3. INCREASE IN SALES HELPS PUBLISHERS - This is for you writers. If you are frustrated that it seems publishers are passing on projects more these days, it is simply because they too are not able to take risks on new authors. This is a gamble when they sign on a new author. They pay you an advance and hope the sales figures pay out. Buying more books gets more money to the publishers, and, in turn, they have more flexibility when looking at signing on more authors.
  4. INCREASE IN SALES HELPS THE AUTHORS - Authors are in this for a business. They want to be around for the long haul, but their publishers will only keep giving them more contracts if their sales are up. So, if you fell in love with a particular author, support them and buy their books. Every book in that count helps the author. You might think it is just one person buying a book, but that single book helps.
So, do me a favor people. Don't go and max out your credit card on random items. Fill up their stockings with books. Fill up all of those presents under the tree with books. You might be surprised by all of the benefits you get.

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