Monday, December 26, 2016

The Holidays Are Done, Now Get Back To Work

OK, so maybe the holiday season really isn't over yet. I know as I write this I am also picking up around the house for a potential Christmas #3 at our house later today (that one is still in the works). Still, you made it. But it is time to get back to work.

I know a lot of my writer friends out there openly said they were closing down their computers and social media for the holidays. Way to go! I applaud you Harper St. George, Jane Porter, Bronwyn Scott and Marguerite Kaye! But, I am sure, like I did, they were worried when they opened up that email (maybe they haven't yet) at the piles of new emails and work that needs to be done. Maybe they have edits to get through, or another chapter to write, or work for their art departments.

What I have to say should be comforting... you will get through it. Don't panic!

This morning, as I am cleaning the kitchen, I have a list going of "things to do" (and yes this blog post was one of those). The list is in no particular order, but I do know some of the things have some higher priorities. Emails to some editors can wait because I have seen posts from them on my social media accounts and they are having fun with their friends and family. Some are still making latke, sufanigah, challah (glutton free).

You don't need to get through all of those edits on the 26th either. Do chapters 3-7 and call it quits.
You don't need to write the whole next chapter in that current work in progress, do 1/2.

The point is, you need to get going again.

My son, the swimmer had to do that this morning (and boy was he grumpy at 5:30 am). But the thing is, he will be home today from practice and by a much happier person.

It may hurt a little, but that is OK. Break out those Christmas cookies and pile those bad boys next to the computer as you write. For me, I am drinking that new Starbucks brew that my family gave to me.

And remember, keep up that holiday cheer!

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