Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Benefits Of Back To Back Releases

When I am looking at new submissions for authors, one of the things I am always interested in are other projects that author may have available or in progress. There are several reasons for this. As an agent, we want to see that this author is forward thinking in terms of their career. We are also interested to see if, for example, the first book doesn't work, there are other projects that might be available. But there is also a marketing issue that many writers need to understand.

Back to Back releases sell really well!

We know that readers tend to buy books in streaks. These people will find one author, love that writing and immediately head out to find anything else written by that person. Seeing that name 3 months in a row really show dramatic increases in sales. If, on the other hand you write one book, and then don't do anything for a year, you are running the risk that those authors who loved you with book 1 will forget who you are when book 2 comes out.

Having a constant flow of books also works to your benefit with both the editors and your agent. The more we see of your name, the more you are in our radar. We are constantly thinking about you and your works. Now, what does this get you? If a new project comes along, let's say a team project, a promotion, or an anthology, we will push for you. When you disappear, that offer goes to someone else.

Here is a great example of this outside of swimming. This last weekend, at the swim meet I was officiating at, my son's team was putting together relay teams. As they were putting together the A and B relays, then ended up putting in one swimmer who has been pretty inconsistent this year. He's fast, but you couldn't guarantee a swim. They ended up taking 4th place instead of a 1st and 2nd place combo. Now, could they have done better? The answer was yes. One swimmer was spending a lot of his time NOT sitting with the team, but either up in the stands with his parents or outside in the hall with a smaller group of swimmers. The coach, after seeing him, AND after the swim made the comment, "Gosh, I completely forgot [swimmer x] was here today."

Although you might be someone who casually writes, or are someone who believes you cannot write multiple books in a year, understand there are some negatives that might come to play for you and your career. Keeping that constant flow will keep your career moving and keep those readers coming back for more.

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