Sunday, January 1, 2017

Video Pitch Special For January

Let's have a little fun!

During the month of January, authors wishing to submit to Greyhaus Literary Agency can do so with a video pitch. The idea is simple. Like any other pitch you might make with an editor or an agent, you will simply talk it through with us. You have a maximum of 8 minutes! No more than that and No excuses!

Simply video tape yourself pitching to me. Treat this as if it is a real pitch and the camera is me sitting on the other side. It is likely that you will save this to an external site such as Youtube or Vimeo.

When you send the query to me at the regular email submissions AT greyhausagency dot com, simply embed the link into the body of the email. For example...

Dear Mr. Eagan,

I am submitting to you my submission of Alien Vampire Bunnies as a video pitch. You can view that pitch at the following link.

Make sure to read all of the guidelines for what I am looking for before submitting.

Please also note that if you send a link to anything that will likely hurt a computer or is offensive, I will report you to the necessary authorities. (Sorry to have to rain on the parade here but this is the age of technological jerks trying to do all sorts of things).

This will run ONLY for the month of January as a test run.

Just remember to treat this as a real pitch. Know that first impressions count and it is up to you to make sure that all of the necessary material is included. And, unlike normal pitches where I can ask questions, that opportunity is not here.

Have fun with this!!!!

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