Friday, March 3, 2017

Build Your Day Around Your Perfect Writing Time

I am sure many of you have taken those learning style surveys. After you take the test, it determines if you are an audio, visual or kinesthetic. But there is one point that comes up that people often screw up when they take the test. This is the one that tells you whether or not you are an AM or a PM learner.

For many people, they often will say that they are not AM learners because they are simply too tired in the day. The problem is that for many of these people, they are staying up far too late in the evening so they are actually hurting their best time to work. Some also struggle with this answer because of poor scheduling and time management.

I bring this up because I do believe writers can be far more productive if they build their schedules around their optimal writing times. It may take a little work and a little schedule juggling, but it is possible.

I know that for myself, I am an AM learner. I find that I can get much more of my creative type of work done first thing in the morning. This is when I normally blog, when I take care of emails and certainly writing proposals. Later in the day, I find that my brain shifts so that I can focus more on reading and less on the computer work. I also know that by the time we are hitting that 3-5 pm block, my brain is really starting to shut down. I can also guarantee that there is no chance in "you know what" that I would be able to read new proposals for my authors, or certainly submissions. Not going to happen.

As a writer, to be truly productive, finding that optimal time is crucial to your success. If you are an AM learner and your creative brain works better first thing in the morning, then block out that time. Let the family know that you will be writing then. Maybe set the alarm and start working earlier. Now, the trade off here is that you should not be trying to write in the evening. That is not the time for you.

So, what if you are someone who A) works; and B) needs to work in the middle of the day. Now what? That is when you block out that lunch time to get the work done. Find a quiet cafe and use that time. It may not be a lot, but you will be more productive. The other option is to get to it as soon as you can right after work.

Yes, I understand this sounds like a Utopian world. I know there are kids, social activities and so forth. Sure, these can get in the way, but it is possible. Remember, you are a writer and that gives you that creative side to find the answer.

So, how do you work that schedule out to get the writing done? Let me know!


  1. Good advice. I seem to be an afternoon writer. I need to get rid of distractions, so I read news and take care of emails and social media in the a.m. to clear the slate. Then when I sit down to write, I just focus on writing.

  2. I often use my lunch break to go and write. I love the idea of coming up with the optimal time to set aside for additional writing.