Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Why Certain Heroes Tend To Rock!

A lot of people tend to think that in romance, there is a fixed formula and if an author doesn't stick to that formula, publishers will not take it. In reality, the only two items that tend to be of a concern when it comes to romance is that the story must show a growing relationship and there is that happily every after. Still many seem to think that only certain characters work. What people should understand it that it isn't so much an issue of only wanting certain characters. It is more of the fact that certain characters sell better than others.

This is the reason why we see those standard trope characters such as:
  • Navy Seals
  • Special Ops Vets
  • Firemen
  • Doctors
  • Cowboys
With these characters, authors can tap into a lot of character traits that are fantastic with romance novels.

First of all, you have a group of guys who will tend to be physically fit. These guys need their bodies
to do their work so you can count on the fact that when they take that shirt off for a book cover, you will be getting a body perfect for marketing.

Secondly, for most of these occupations, you need to have dedication and drive. These people are focused and driven to do great work. They have a lot of people counting on them so they are going to do great things.

Now, when it comes to the cowboys, we add in the special touch with animals. This is that touchy feely side of the guys that you might now see with the other professions.

So, how do authors bring in that touchy feely side for the other heroes? This is where rescuing babies, the hidden baby storyline or even making the doctor a pediatric surgeon comes into play. We see that soft side of them come out here.

I think the thing to note here is that there are just some combinations that offer romance authors a lot of options when it comes to showing that relationship development. This is not an issue of the only things that work, but simply that some things work better than others.

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