Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Not All Stories Are To Be Published

I was thinking about this recently as I was working my way through submissions. I read some projects that really left me questioning why this author believed the project should be published. This was not an issue of the quality of the writing or the passion of the author. It really came down to the concept of the story and whether or not this was something that "needed" to be published.

I have always said that writing is one of those few areas out there where everyone has open access. Some of us are just not athletes or artists or musicians, but we all have the ability to put words together to convey an emotion or thought. But, with that said, while the publishing world is really open to EVERYONE out there, this does not mean that EVERYONE should be published.

I know what some of you might be thinking here. This is just another way to exclude some writers, or that this is just the publishers only wanting to make a profit. This is far from the case. There are simply some stories that just don't make it out there to be sold. Again, this is not just the "establishment" trying to prevent people from telling "their" story, but projects that might be more of a story meant for private consumption.

I do not want to make a list of "topics" not worthy, but look at this from a broader concept. Maybe these are topics that are venturing into areas that really are private matters. Maybe these are stories that the timing of the project just is not right? Maybe these are stories that are "crossing" that line of ethics, morals and what not. I know I am being pretty broad here but I think you get the idea.

I am not here to say that we should not push the boundaries and/or prevent people from writing. I am saying, however, that maybe authors need to stop and think before they start writing that project that might be in one of these areas. Is there a better way to convey that message? Is this really something that needs to be written and not published?

Just a thought. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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  1. Ok, I'll comment. My first thoughts when reading this post were: 1.) Somebody thought they should publish their personal diary. And 2.) Oh, oh, the story was so hot it burned the fingers to turn the pages.

    This is just my opinion, but I can't imagine anybody wanting to publish their personal diary. And, there are a few "memoirs" that shouldn't see the light of day, if the writer wants to retain "any" respect at all. And, contrary to what a lot of current self-publishing writers think, not everyone wants to share in your titillation. Free and 99 cents ought to be a tip off.

    I once taught a computer class to a group of authors (some published – some not) who didn't know how to type on a computer or use a word-processing program. Most were still hammering away on their old Remingtons. Talk about enlightening. There were times we fell off the " copy and paste" wagon and turned into a critique group. My chance to listen and learn. The consensus from the class was that it takes no talent to write trash, but a real sense of dignity and a respect for humanity to produce worthwhile reading. Thus, to be a "real" writer, one should get a soul. I loved that class. –Kate M.