Friday, October 13, 2017

Reviewers May Hate Your Book - Suck It Up!

Look, I will begin by simply saying that a bad review sucks! You worked your butt off on that story and darn it, someone tanked the story on a review. But here is the thing. That is going to happen.

We are in a subjective business. Publishing is a world of people liking things and hating things simply on gut instinct. And you cannot say this is something that should change. Everyone does this. Do you, as a reader, like EVERY book you read and only give it favorable reviews? Do you even have some of your favorite authors who have written books that have left you questioning their ability? Sure!

Maybe this expectation of amazing reviews comes from our present society that rewards everyone for everything they do. Schools make sure EVERY kid gets an award. Even some sports have eliminated the concept of 1st, 2nd and 3rd so we don't hurt little Billy's feelings. I don't know. The reality is that there may be times when your story gets a bad suck it up!

I heard an author lately complaining about a bad review. Instead of looking to the comments the person made about the books, the shift was immediately shifted to other reasons and ideas:
  • The reviewer was a complete idiot.
  • "You know, that entire website doing reviews only likes a particular genre.
  • I am sure the person didn't read the entire book.
  • What is this person thinking? All my Beta readers loved the book
But consider this. Maybe, just maybe the reviewer wasn't a complete idiot and your beta readers don't know their butt from a hot rock. Maybe, just maybe, someone finally had the nerve to tell you the story was not good.

In other words, your book really may suck!

Maybe the reason all of those editors and agents were passing on your book really did come down to the quality and they were trying to save your feelings and not telling you the truth?

The point is, if you get a bad review, own it! Learn from it! Grow! You might find the next time you write a book, that good review will come your way!

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