Friday, October 20, 2017

Write What You Know, Not What Is Hot

I think a lot of writers really get hung up on trying to write in genres that are the current hot trend out there. The problem with this approach is that, due to a lack of real understanding of that new genre, the writing often ends up failing, the author has wasted valuable time, and, worse yet, the writer now feels discouraged.

I do understand there is a value in trying different genres. For new authors, this is also a great time to discover his or her true calling. However, when an author does find that niche, the author needs to stick with it and learn to grow into the genre. Jumping around after the first failure, or when the author hears of a new genre is not going to work.

In a lot of ways, I see this much like many of today's parents approach getting their kids involved with activities. A new chance shows up and the parents pull the kids from one activity to get them exposed to something new. Although the intent is good, the kids just do not get a chance to get good to really succeed.

For some of you out there, your real talent might be in a genre you really didn't want to write, or maybe you didn't like when you first started. You might have had other plans. At this point, you really have two options. The first is to write in the genre you are supposed to be writing in. Learn it well. Dissect other authors in that genre and really succeed. This is the faster option.

The second option is to jump into the new genre. Understand that you are now starting at ground zero. It will be similar to you as a 100% novice writer trying to learn the craft. Expect that you will hit a lot of failures along the way. Expect that you will be looking at, most likely, double the amount of time before you are ready to make the move.

It is a tough decision, but one I think many authors really need to think about.

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