Monday, December 11, 2017

A Busy Time Of The Season

I know it has been a while since I have posted so my apologies. This is one of those things that I really kick myself over, considering I am always screaming to authors to not do what I did.

I am sure, like all of you, life has been busy with Thanksgiving Breaks, the upcoming holidays and so forth. For those of you with kids, add in those days when the schools decided to give them back to you and now your writing time has been a bit limited. As I have said, over an over again, even with the business of the time, it is crucial that you are always taking time out for YOUR writing career. This is something you have worked hard for and you need to continue to give yourself that time.

Have I been away and not doing anything. No, I have been hard at work with my authors (as well as all of those holiday things, kids, a trip to New York to watch my son swim and so forth). It is this that I want to bring up for all of you getting ready to send out submissions. 

It is always important to remember that at this time of the year, editors and agents too will want to take breaks from reading manuscripts and submissions. They are madly plowing through piles of projects of their current authors in an attempt to have as many things cleared up BEFORE they take off to drown themselves in eggnog. I know one of my authors said her editor even asked if it was ok to bump a deadline back for a project that was due just to get through the holiday time. (I have to say, the author was very pleased with a few more days to work on the story).

Please note, there is nothing wrong with getting projects sent in during the holidays. Just remember that the response time might be a bit longer so don't panic. Of course, with that said, waiting until January 2nd to fire off the email isn't going to make much more of a difference. The editors and agents will still have a lot to get though.

We all do our best to get responses to you. We will get there. I promise. But also remember that the editors and agents have very similar busy schedules that you are dealing with as a writer. 

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