Monday, March 26, 2018

What Harwick College Water Polo Can Teach You To Overcome Obstacles

This may take a little work to explain but bear with me.

My son has the FORTUNATE opportunity to swim for Hartwick College. This school is amazing. article).
Unfortunately, last month, the school decided to cut several of their sports programs, due to spending cuts. One of those was water polo (check out this

Now, what most people, in a situation like this would do, is to give up. They scream and cry and then eventually give up because, "What's the point?"

But this team is not doing that. They are being proactive. They are pushing for change. They are not giving up.

I just got a post on Facebook showing that on Day 2 of their California swing, they swept all of their games. They are not going out just with small wins either. This team is pretty much kicking butt.

There are three things to say here.

First, if you get a bad review, then get mad and fix those changes. Don't let it happen again! Learn from those mistakes and move on.

If you get rejections, then learn from those rejections and DO something about. Quit doing what I hear so many authors do, and blame it on the system. I am sorry to say this, but if I say your writing is bad, then guess what... it is probably bad. If  you get the same comments over and over again, then YOU have the problem. It is not the system.

If you get comments that show you don't know how to do something, then go out and learn it. Don't just quit.

Too often, writers just want to throw blame to anyone and anything other than their own skills. You cannot do this.

Secondly, use this as a motivating force to prove that you CAN do this. My daughter does this with her horse riding. When someone says she cannot do something with her jumping, she screams and yells at me on the way home and then, at the next lesson rides her head off. This is her motivation.

What are you doing?

The point of all this is that you need to PROVE to those who say you CAN'T that you CAN! Don't quit. Don't give up.

Now, here is the second piece (and yes, this part is the political side for me). This team and this sports program at Hartwick College is amazing. I encourage you to read up on what they don. Read up on their record. And, if you are so motivated, please contact the school. Let them know.

So, what do I want you to do today? BE PROACTIVE!!!!!!

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  1. When we jump into this pool of fiction writing some of us will sink and when we do we quickly realize we are on our own.

    Writer groups, beta readers, critique partners, etc. are valuable to a writers work but in the end it all comes down to listening. If you can't listen you can't learn and if you can't learn you can't produce.

    I will check out the article at your son's college. Sad to hear that. It's common for small colleges but it's still fair.