Monday, April 16, 2018

Think Before Writing In A New Genre

This came across a feed I follow just this morning. I saw someone post that they were starting to write a new novel. Apparently this was not just a new novel, but a new genre for this author. OK, that's fine, but here is where the problems start.

The first question this person asked was if they had any recommendations of how to write the novel AND any recommendations of other novels in this same genre they should read.


This novel is destined for failure.

While I applaud people for playing around with new genres and learning new techniques that show up in those genres, starting something you have no clue about is a complete waste of your time and energy. That time you are spending, without having done any research on that genre is not going to be worth it.

Far too many authors, in my opinion, make this mistake. They hear from someone or they read somewhere, that a particular genre is the hottest thing right now. So they immediately dive in trying to catch that wave. Yes, being in on the cutting edge of a genre is great, but you have to have some understanding of that genre. As I have said, over and over again, every genre out there has specific nuances. It is not just  plot line. It is not just a setting.

Please understand, I want authors to be successful. Yes, I want authors to learn a craft and learn it well so playing around with other genres is a good approach. But please, take the time to do the research ahead of time.

We have all heard and probably used the phrase "Practice makes perfect." But the real phrase that people need to remember is "Perfect practice makes perfect." What this author is doing is simply not perfect practice.

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  1. I have no problem sticking to what I'm good at. For example - I am not a sci-fi writer and I never will be. My mind doesn't work in that direction nor does my interest.

    Yes, it's a huge market and that's nice but I seriously doubt I would make a dent.

    Enthusiasm and interest will show in the writing. If a writer has the courage to give it a try, good for them. They are better than me.