Friday, August 10, 2018

Me Thinks You Doth Protest Too Much

As I read query letters from potential new authors, I not only look at the story premise, but also the things the author says about himself or herself. This is a telling sign for me as to whether or not I want to take this author seriously or not. Here is a huge hint - don't make yourself into something you are not.

Yes, if you have done great things, or you have a great endorsement from another author, use it. If you have amazing sales numbers, make sure to show those numbers. Just remember that we will look.

At least once a year, I have a query from someone who is proclaiming their fantastic book saying it is being considered as an Oprah Book Of The Month. Here is the thing. If you send in a book for consideration, and get a form letter back saying it is under consideration, you probably should not claim this. You and thousands of others got that form letter.

We see the same thing when people say that movie producers are interested. If you attend a conference and pitch the story, the odds are that producer will probably ask you to send in something. Is it REALLY under consideration? Are they really interested? Again, probably not.

Several weeks ago, I had someone email a pitch to me. I passed on the project because it was simply something I did not represent. The author, in a true professional fashion (note the tone in my typing) wrote back saying I was missing out on the best thing ever and he would so rub this in my face later. He had, as he proclaimed a massive presence with his other books and huge sales figures. So, I was bored and decided to check out this "massive presence." A) His "novels" were nothing more than novellas; B) The quotes he claimed in his query letter from top authors were not quotes, instead he used these as comp titles in his own bio; and C) his sales figures were far from impressive, considering the fact that his three novellas were all priced at $0.00. His rankings on Amazon were also in the 6 figure zone. Sorry, but ranked 964,089 in a small category is not impressive.

If you are pitching a fiction novel, your query letter should not be fiction. It needs to be verifiable facts and 100% true. I don't care if your story is potentially that amazing, we will not sign you if you proclaim a greatness that is not there.

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  1. It still amazes me that there are people out there who seem to forget that someone will check their facts.

    I follow the guidelines. I tell you exactly what you ask. Here's my 50 chapters. Here's my blog. Here's my home life, that is if you asked for it.

    It's nice to say you won something but try to be humble. If you don't than Scott's going to write about you and not in a good way.