Friday, April 19, 2019

Finding Success In Writing

I stumbled across a quote yesterday that I through would be totally fitting for a Friday! "Success does not come to those who wait. You have to go and get it. You have to work for it."

I think most of us would completely agree with this, and yet, there are a ton of writers out there forgetting this when it comes to their writing careers. For many, they seem to think that success will just fall in their laps because they have dang good stories.

Nope, not going to happen!

Those of you who just throw your stories out to contests and believe this is the key to success are missing the point. While this MIGHT get a project in front of the eyes of an editor or agent, you need to do much more. This is simply throwing darts and hoping something sticks.

Those of you who wait for your favorite social media blog to offer an "open house" for editors and agents where you just post your pitch and wait, are missing the point. Yes, we do help out writing chapters with these promotions, but the majority of the time we simply are not going to find anything!

Those of you who do get that book published are not going to find success in the hopes a lot of readers will discover you and buy your book. YOU have to market! YOU have to promote! YOU have to get out there and do something.

For those of you who are waiting for your writing chapter to bring in a guest speaker you have liked will be waiting a LONG time. You need to do more than throw a name out to the chapter president and hope something happens. You need to step up.

And finally, those of you who are still whining and complaining about contests like the RITA, I want to know what YOU are going to do about it? Saying you aren't going to participate is a cowardly thing. If you want to see changes, step up and offer to help. Step up and contact the RWA Office and tell them you want to help. I was even nice enough to give you the link.

Now, get out there and do something. I dare you! I challenge you!

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