Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Why Agents Don't Acquire Everything

Every now and then, after I have rejected someone for submitting something I don't acquire, I get a bit of a push back from those authors questioning why I would pass on their amazing story. So, there are two issues here. The first is that the ego of this author was a bit too much and I would question why anyone would want to sign that person. But that is really a different post. The reality is, regardless of the quality of the book, it is simply a genre I do not acquire.

Greyhaus Literary Agency is not unlike other agencies and publisher out there. We specialize in a specific genres and sub-genres for a reason. It is what we know and what we like.

As an author, you want someone who is a specialist in your genre. You don't want to have someone representing  you who has no clue about what makes your genre tick. Along the same lines, you don't want to have someone representing you who has no idea who the editors are in your genre. In many ways, it would be similar to authors who just send their project out to agents and editors who don't understand the business or their own genre (Oh, wait! I've talked about that before).

Another analogy would be getting medical advice from a general practitioner on a rare condition. Would you do that, or would you go to someone who has studied that condition and is an expert? Makes sense. right?

I represent romance and women's fiction. These are genres that not only do I enjoy reading, these are genres I have studied and understand. I represent Harlequin and "series" lines because I understand what it takes to make those stories great.

Can't make it any simpler!

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