Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Finally Get "THE CALL"?? Be Prepared To Really Work

Writing is truly a unique activity. It is one of those few things that everyone can do and everyone can have success in one form or another. For a lot of writers, this is really how they got started. Writing was simply a hobby. You wrote when you wanted to and showed people your work when you wanted to. Maybe you went out and joined a writing group for motivation. Now, you felt like it was "more real" but you were still in a hobby mode. You went to your chapter meetings. You hung out at workshops. You sat with your critique groups over cheese, crackers and a couple of bottles of wine.

But it was still a hobby.

Finally you got the nerve, submitted a manuscript and "whoda thunk", someone loved it and offered you a contract. You got the call and now you have made it.

Unfortunately, this is where the real work starts. This is no longer a hobby but now a real job. And yes, if you were working full time, you have now signed on for a SECOND full time job.

It is always important to remember this because a lot of authors out there don't see this coming. In simple terms, the time you spent writing is now going to be taken up by a lot of different things.

Along with your writing, you now get to be your favorite PR person and Marketing manager. You'll be spending a lot of time getting your name out there. You'll be on as many social media platforms as possible promoting your book and getting your name to the public. You'll be reaching out to reviewers who will hopefully say amazing things about you. Part of your time will also be spent developing your "street team" whose primary job is promoting your books on their links. You'll be developing marketing plans and campaigns. You'll be completing things such as Art Fact Sheets for your publishers so they know what to do for your covers.

Now, remember, the writing cannot suffer either. You have deadlines to meet. You'll have proposals to get to your editors and agent. And I promise you this. In the middle of the toughest part of your writing, your editor will send you copy edits that need to be done yesterday.

And then there is real life... kids, work, pets, spouse, bills, etc.

Just a quick reality check.

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