Sunday, March 15, 2020

Does Covid-19 Have You Stuck At Home - Here's a GREAT Solution

Here in Washington State, things are pretty unreal. Starting no later than March 17th, ALL K-12 public and private schools, colleges and universities are closed. That means all of the kids are now stuck at home. While the colleges and universities are able to continue teaching remotely, many of the K-12 schools are struggling to find a way to help the kids out.

Now we add in the fact that people just do not want to go out, unless they are ready for the zombie apocalypse to fight for cleaning spray and toilet paper.

But there is something we can all do.


If you have digital devices for the kids, get them a ton of e-books to read. Buy a ton for you too! Order books to be delivered to you.

The deal is, Netflix, Hulu and those video games are going to wear out in a week. That will leave you 5 more weeks to deal with the kids. Add in the fact that if the students really are not doing much to advance their education, I can promise you, being someone who works in education, THEY WILL BE BEHIND.

This book buying run will also help the industry!

So I challenge all of you. BUY BOOKS NOW!!!! Let's really spike the income for the publishers and authors!

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