Friday, October 16, 2020

Following Up With Agents and Editors

 I have to admit that living in this "new normal" during the Covid-19 thing has made keeping up with digital connections tough. The amount of emails we have to go through on a daily basis is often challenging. I know that I work with a minimum of 5 email accounts daily. Ugh! I bring this up because as authors, it is also important to keep up on your end, especially with submissions.

Think of it this way, you send out submissions to editors and agents. You are awaiting, hopefully, great news from that submissions. You know it will take a bit so you wait, and wait, and wait. Now the questions comes, did that email ever make it through?

At Greyhaus, I tell people it can be up to 3 months, but in all honesty, I try to keep it to 1 month. I let everyone know of either a thumbs up or a thumbs down. I am not someone who says a no answer is a no. Yes some do that, but I don't. Still, it is important to always follow up.

Look first at their submission guidelines. If they have a time when they say they will respond, be courteous and give them that time. After that, reach out. Be polite and do not be pushy. Remind them of the submission and the project. I always like to forward my sent message with a "Just checking in" message. 

Do we miss submissions some times? Yep! I fully admit it. Do we need a nudge every now and then. Yep!

It is OK to do this. Sometimes mistakes do happen!

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