Monday, January 4, 2021

Responding After Being Rejected

I get it! Rejections suck. I hate writing 'em. You hate getting 'em. But it is the nature of the business. But let's talk about responding back after a rejection. 

Most writers are very kind with a response after I pass on a project. "Thank you so much for the nice note" or "I will keep working, I think I might have a project that will be perfect for you shortly." This is good. This keeps the door open and, who knows, sometimes it will work out.

But then...

I had someone who had a query I answered today. When I logged the author's name into my database, the author's name popped up. I had read this project a while ago and passed on it. The reason then, the story was not a genre I represent. So, I let the author know that I had already passed on this one. I get a follow up after that of the author stating that the novel had been worked over by an editor so I should look at it again and that was the reason for a resubmission.

Here's the thing. Resubmitting a project is fine. At Greyhaus, I don't look at resubmissions, but others do so that part is not the issue. In this case, it was still a project I did not represent so I stated that again. 

And here comes the response. "You're loss." Essentially, I will completely regret passing on this project. 

I get it. Maybe saying something negative makes you feel better. Maybe you are thinking the agent or editor will now have our feelings hurt and will reach out to you. I can honestly give you two responses to that:

  1. My feelings are not hurt and I am not going to lose sleep over this.
  2. I am now really glad I passed on the project because if this is how an author works, I have now avoided a potential client with issues. 
Look, rejections are a piece of this business. Rejections will happen. But being an author requires you to have a thick skin. 

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