Saturday, October 20, 2007

And his feet hit the ground running

After a non-stop grind of editing all week, it is now Sat. and at 6:19, I'm at the computer for a quick edit time and check in here before I'm off. This time, I'm working at a swim meet. Hopefully it's only until noon, which will give me time to get home, get some more editing done, allow the wife to write and then back out the door for a get-together in Seattle.

Will be listening to some AC/DC this morning to get me going, that's for sure!

Still looking forward to finishing up some personal writing edits. They've sort of stalled and I have roughly 4K minimum still to add. The nice thing is that I'm right around Chapt. 6 so I have plenty of space.

So, I was working earlier this week and check my emails and I get this writer contacting me again. I had rejected this person several months ago and they are now wondering if I would reconsider reading the manuscript. No reason other than I should.

Ummmmmm, Noooooo. I went back and checked my log and saw the reason I didn't request more. It was the writing. Ho hum...... but this person still wanted me to read it.

Look, I was recently sitting on a panel doing cold reads with Miriam Kriss and we both said the same thing. If we don't get it in the first page, then don't think we're going to keep reading. If we see problems structurally or grammatically on the first page or so, the odds of you stopping further in the book are slim to none.

O.K. now, here's the moral of all these rambles. Get me hooked and do it fast.

By the way, it looks as if I'll be re-opening things in Jan. '08 but things will be a bit different. Stay posted!

Off to the swim meet now.

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