Thursday, October 18, 2007

So, I hate computers

I have to say that I had this great post written, went to save it and dang it, there was an error so I lost it all, ugh.

So, here is the short and simple of what I wrote the last time.

I got a heck of a lot done today. Three loads of laundry, ran a couple of errands, edited papers, contacted lawyers about contract and rights issues for two of my clients, contacted a couple of editors for some other writers, and I still had time to get to this.

How did I do that? Focus on the small tasks and not panic over the big stuff.

So, how about you? How do you maintain that hectic schedule. I know my wife and I frequently ask each other if there are other families that run as much as we do.

Let me know.


  1. My biggest thing is that I tell myself to "just do it." Don't stress about the "how," just march in there and do it.

    If either me or my husband stress about how we're going to get it done, (whatever the list may be) we'll never do it.

  2. Interesting question. I've learned to somewhat manage the chaos by not trying to do it all, but it's hard for me to prioritize when I've never really accepted that I can't have my cake and eat it too. (*groan*)

    I walked away from a professional job about twelve years ago to be a full-time mom, but the horse breeding, training and riding lessons was been more or less full time during those years. I switched gears with my writing a few years ago from local and volunteer stuff to "I wanna be published", but since then I have gone back to work full time and started homeschooling my pre-teen and it's been hard to find a balance. The other-peoples' horses training and lessons have gone away, but there still aren't really enough hours in the day. I've learned that it's important to step away and give myself some downtime when it's needed. That's a long hard ride if I can manage it and when I get back from that, I don't have the energy to panic, no matter what else is going on.

    ...probably more than you wanted to know, but the coffee is kicking in! :)