Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Stay At Home Dad Thing

So, my kids are home from school today and tomorrow. This of course means that I get to entertain all day today, as well as make sure my own work gets done.

Big project today? Middlest had to do an art project with leaves. The teacher wanted to have them make animals out of the pictures. Of course the over-achiever middlest wanted to make a full landscape. Ooooo, that was fun. Had to pull out my "sticker maker" and really go to work.

I have to admit though, it looked pretty dang good in the end.

And some people think I live a boring life....


  1. I feel you, my kindergardener has been out of school all day, and will be Monday too... and then more next week. I will be entertaining a LOT in the next week.

  2. I've gotten them going with cooking dinner and helping out that way. I just took my son to the Make Your Own Dinner place to keep him busy!

    Keep smiling and remember, it's just a short time.

    Of course, I guess I need to remember that too!