Friday, November 2, 2007

O.K. I know I've been gone for a while

I know, a true blogger is on every day but I've been busy.
Had a couple of great pieces of news. Two of my authors are getting some great reads from editors at Simon and Schuster, HQN and MIRA. Always nice to get reads like that.

Right now, I am reading through a fantastic story by one of my writers. Frankly, if you have not picked up any of Mary Lennox's books, you are missing out. This is her latest that I am looking at right now and it is amazing. For those of you not familiar, check out MY LORD BEAST! You'll know what I mean.

Just got a copy (since I lost mine) of Anne Rice's THE WITCHING HOUR. I love that book so I needed to replace my copy. Now, for those of you writing paranormal, shoot for that if you want to submit to me!

Almost done with all of my new Greyhaus updates. I should be opening up submissions sooner than I thought. I am still looking at the first of the year unless I can really firm a few things up.

I'm off to check my Gingerbread that I'm baking. Talk to you soon!


  1. Oh, Scott, I loved The Witching Hour! That's definitely one of my favorite Rice books, if not the favorite. I don't write like Rice, but I do write paranormal and love to weave historical links in with the contemporary story. If I wrote romance, I'd query you. 8^) But I write urban fantasy with romantic elements.

    Gingerbread sounds yummy! Have a great weekend.

  2. I think the element of THE WITCHING HOUR that makes the story work is Rice's ability to bring together such a diverse group of women. The depth of coverage of not just the characters but the settings in which they live just comes alive. Literally, starting from the first page, you can't help but see what the Mayfair house looks and smells like. She uses her senses!!!! That's what all these other writers are lacking. They just have plot (and in many cases, very sad excuses for plots).

  3. Scott,

    While I totally agree with you that books are lacking the senses, isn't that because publishers dont' WANT the big sense loaded books of the past? I love to write the senses, and everyone keeps telling me to back it off, that publishers want "Faster, quicker" books. They say the readers don't have time for all that.

    I personally had to quit reading historical BECAUSE the senses are no longer included. I find the scenery flat and uninviting.

    Yet I'm told over and over again that the reder doesn't have time for all that, they don't have the patience for all that, so don't write it.

    How do you feel about people who push AWAY from the senses?