Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Must be the end of the week

Yep, I can feel it now. The end of the week is near. The problem is that it's only Tuesday. Ugh.
Anyway, it is now 8:00 and I still have a ton more work to get done before I can crash.

Had a chance to talk to three of my writers today on their current WIP's. It's great being able to see their brains working through their issues in these early stages. This is certainly one of those areas that a lot of writers are missing out on when they sit back and never share their work. The idea that they can't share work until it is perfect is not the most effective way of writing. I will admit that I do have two writers at Greyhaus that can do this, but they have a proven track record. For other writers, that early phase of getting feedback has to happen early on.

I'm getting ready to open the doors again to Greyhaus. I've got some big changes in the works that will really enhance the quality of the work coming out of Greyhaus. Stay posted.

I know I put this on my other site but a big congrats go out to Nikki and Michele for their new deals with Mills and Boon and Source. You ladies rock!

Back to some critiques before I crash!


  1. Ohh, big changes? I'll certainly be keeping my eyes open for this. :)

  2. Changes... Always a good thing. I'm staying tuned and hoping you'll be taking a broader range of genres.

  3. Karen,

    I have to be honest. I will not be opening up to anything other than romance and women's fiction. I still believe that it is important to focus in on one area. That is not changing. Sorry for that.